Monday, June 20, 2011

Flying SEATs

The above are SEATs, Single Engine Air Tankers. They have been fighting the fires around here including the one 10 miles south of my house headed north. They were grounded for the night and should be resuming operations shortly. All I can say is the pilots and crews better not be paying for any of their own meals.
The fire south of us has so far burned ~4000 acres and at least 30 homes. The ground troops really busted ass last night and held it at the highway crossing.

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  1. Very neat aircraft. I'm from the panhandle, and remember my dad hiring pilots to spray chemicals on some fields in very similar planes.

    As to the fires, stay safe out there. It's been hot and dry up here too. I'm really worried that dumb kids (still kids even if they're 30 and doing dumb things) are going to set off a lot of grass fires around the 4th of July.