Sunday, June 26, 2011

Great Range Day

Long hot day at the range yesterday. Started the morning an hour early with Beyond the Basics. Think trigger control and site alignment. We spend the entire morning working on fundamentals and getting everyone the solid foundation that they need before they move on to more advanced skills. We also work on transitioning through multiple targets and how much sight picture you need for different targets at different ranges. The group we had was great, by the end of class everyone was getting it. That's the real fun from the instructor side of this class, you see the light bulb go on for people when they finally grasp the concept that has never been explained to them before.
The afternoon was Competition Pistol. That's an introduction to the different pistol shooting sports. We explain the various rules and classes of equipment and set up a few stages so people can shoot the different sports stages and get an experience and understand what they are doing when they go to a match. This was a fun class for both instructors and students. They all definately got it and that was clear on the IPSC stage we set up. They pretty much all shot the stage carefully and got close to maximum points. Out of 17 students and 10 targets on the stage and each student running the stage twice, I think there were 2 missed shots total!

Now I have rest and work around the house to catch up with.

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  1. Good for you! I try to train as many citizens as I can, to stengthen and build the ranks of 2nd Amendment 'getters' ! Jack