Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Some days suck more than others

After a stupid day at work and an after work appointment, we came down our county road to find flashy blinkies in front of our place. It was even worse that it was a TxDPS Highway Patrol unit with his lights on in front of two vehicles along our east fence line. Turns out one of our neighbors lost control of her truck bouncing down the county road and popped a tree along the roadway. Fortunately she was only doing 20 or so so it wasn't a terrible impact. However it did do enough damage that she is not driving away and she is devastated over damaging the truck and the loss of control momentarily. She's not physically hurt at all but shaken up and her husband was right behind her so they are taking care of things but it just sucks for them to have this happen.
Just another busier day her at Casa K-.

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