Friday, July 1, 2011

Somebody's Kid needs a woodshed and a switch

So last week during the Dyer Mill fire in south Grimes County, there were two fires in north Grimes County that pulled resources out of the major fire and put lives at risk through out the area. Now there have been at least six fires in the same area along the border of Grimes and Madison Counties.
My thoughts are that this is the work of someones kid who is bored and has no respect for others lives or property and just want to see fire trucks and action in their area. They need to be stopped. IMMEDIATELY. If this is an adult, they need to be arrested and locked away for a long time while their brain is taken apart and studied. This is going to get someone killed before it is all over as they keep putting more and more people in danger and that is not acceptable. The idea that they keep setting fires about the same time of day in the same area says they are unsupervised and probably lack transportation. This is just flat wrong and there is NO justification for their parents not taking them out behind the woodshed and learning them a lesson in respect for others.

UPDATE: They have a suspect in custody. The Fire Marshal's office brought in an Arson Dog and took all kinds of samples and they made an arrest. Hopefully this will put an end to these fires.

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