Tuesday, January 12, 2010

There are Idiots in this world

The Facts;
Saturday night / Sunday morning as the bars north of campus are closing down, 911 receives multiple calls of a White Maserati with paper plates speeding and driving recklessly in the area.

Let's examine just that for a moment shall we? I know it is generalizing a bit but people leaving a bar at closing time are not known for calling 911 to report reckless drivers. So it would seem that the driver of said Maserati either was so off the hook that people were actually motivated to report this behavior or they were jealous of the car and wanted to get the driver busted. Either way, the driving had to have been something way out of the ordinary to get it reported by multiple callers.

While CSPD investigates, more calls come into 911 reporting cars racing in a neighborhood. Officers dispatched and as the first officer arrives in teh area, she is hit head on by a White Maserati with paper plates. The driver and three passengers in the Maserati are transported to one of the local hospitals for treatment as the CSFD is busy extricating the officer from her Crown Vic. Now, anyone who has worked on these can tell you the Crown Vic will take a pretty hard lick to intrude on the passenger compartment. Once the officer is out, she is airlifted to the Trauma Center at Scott & White Hospital in Temple in serious condition.

Now, one may assume that the Idiots of which I speak could be referring to the driver of the Maserati. Well, partially correct. The 21yo female driver was/is an idiot, but that is a rant for another time. She was a bartender and bar hopper in the area, the car was "borrowed" and she had friends in the car with her while she operated the vehicle without regard to the safety of others on a public roadway while she was drunk. She is a class A idiot!

But what I have to rant about are all the idiots who felt they had to comment on the story on the local TV stations website. (Not all the commenters are idiots but the idiots are what I want to comment on.) Starting with the first commenter who started with saying the CSPD needs to review and change it's response policies, procedures and training!?!?!?????

Just based on the facts as they were known at the time of the article, the driver had been reported for speeding and reckless driving as well as racing in a residential area and this moron immediately jumps the PD and Officer as a cause?

The others are a parade of idiots who have continued down a thread of, "she exercised bad judgment and made a mistake, don't blame her."

What sort of morons are these people?

These people are why our country is going to Hell and in a HURRY! She screwed up royally and has no place loose in civilized society. She has already shown her disregard for the safety of others to the exclusion of her own self satisfaction/enjoyment. A lack of respect for others lives and safety means she can not be trusted in public.

Now, after review of the dashcam and the results of her blood draw after the crash, she is charged with a second degree felony of intoxicated assault on a peace officer resulting in serious bodily injury. She is fortunate that it is not intoxication manslaughter or worse. Her "friends" are fortunate they are not dead.

And yet people insist on making comments like;

"This girl made a stupid mistake, one that most of us have made and got away with.."
-That somehow makes it alright?

It's a terrible tragedy from all sides. Everyone makes mistakes. Ms. Ford was irresponsible, but also young, and I'll bet you she won't make this same mistake again. Mistakes are a part of being human and a part of growing up."
-Mistakes that can potentially take anothers life are not part of growing up. Personal responsibility is.

I do not believe that at anytime did this girl mean to hurt anyone but if the police would crack down on the drunks leaving the bar or if the bar's got in to trouble for over serving this might not have happened."
-Again, it is someone elses fault? Personal responsibility is out the window.

People are so quick to judge when they know nothing about whom they are judging."
-Don't need to know about her. The facts even just a few, point out that she acted without any regard to others safety and was very very very likely at fault in this crash not accident.

"All of your comments demonstrate ignorance and lack of education. Get a life. Go to school. Leave this young woman alone."
-Um, if she had taken herself out on private property, maybe it would be a private matter and she should be left alone. The FACT that she did this on a public street and endangered others makes it a public matter.

"The driver has been a very good friend of mine for 15 years and although she might have made a bad decision that doesn't take away from the fact that she is a very good person."
-Again, if she was a good person, she would have had some concern for the safety adn well being of others including her so called friends in the car with her. Instead if driving like a complete lunatic.

Admittedly, I don't know the whole story, but it looks like the CSPD needs to review their emergency response policies and training."
-This is the one that got me and most others going. What kind of moron starts blaming the PD for a crash under circumstances that pretty clearly spell which way fault falls?

I just had to add one of the latest comments to the list of IDIOTS.

Why can't people understand that the Maserati did not belong to this girl. They are very fast cars and she did not know that and just lost control. I have seen many police vehicles speed right by me without lights or siren and hope no one pulls out in front of them because there is no chance of avoiding a collision. Thankfully Alex will recover, but jail time is not a proper punishment. Ultimately this was an accident, and accidents happen everyday. No one really knows who was at fault or the circumstances that may have caused it. Get well soon Alex!! "
-This guy is an idiot of the first order. This was no boating accident, to quote a great movie. It was an intentional act to disregard the safety of others in multiple ways and expose others to the dangers of her careless behavior. There are consequences for certain actions and this one should carry serious concequnces.


  1. When people make mistakes; suffering the natural consequences of those mistakes are part of the learning process.

    Light a match and not blow it out soon enough-- singed fingers are a small consequences.

    Drive a high speed capable vehicle and injury another person-- very big consequences.

    What is hard to understand about that?

  2. "Admittedly, I don't know the whole story, but it looks like the CSPD needs to review their emergency response policies and training."

    -This is the one that got me and most others going. What kind of moron starts blaming the PD for a crash under circumstances that pretty clearly spell which way fault falls?

    A bigtime Lib who's first kneejerk reaction is to blame "The Man."