Saturday, January 16, 2010

An Interesting Discussion

Another one of the things that prompted me to get into the Diatribe is an ongoing discussion with Bob S. at 3 boxes of BS. It seems that Bob and I are really on the same side just he is trying to better define the line of good enough. I am really enjoying the thought stimulus and discussion.

Head on over and take a gander at not just this thread but the rest of what he has to say.


  1. TxGunGeek,

    I am very glad that you recognize we are on the same side of the issue.

    I appreciate you playing devil's advocate and helping me define "the line of good enough".

    I really see this as a potential area for the antis to attack if we dont' address it and come up with a good argument.

    I think we are seeing the Brady Campaign and others reaching for it with their efforts now.

    Thanks for the feedback and the discussion.

  2. Bob,
    As the anti-s have lost so big on the federal level it looks like they are trying to make trouble state by state. Unfortunately once they get something passed in an anti state they can move on and say see it worked there.

    Changing tactics call for us to be on our toes as the next legislative sessions begin.