Saturday, January 16, 2010

Diatribe Part The Prequel

I've had a stream of thoughts bouncing around in the vacuum betwixt my ears for a while now and a number of recent events have sparked my renewed interest in making a blog post series out of them.

The main thrust is how I developed the attitudes and thought process I have today and hopefully bring some new folks into the personal responsibility camp because that is what a majority of it is. There will be posts that basically recount some of my past experiences that I recall to illustrate my point.

I welcome one and all to share the ride and feel free to chime in if you like. If I start to bore you, please skip through and come back because there may be some nugget of rambling gold in there.

I'll start by saying this is triggered by the idiots that I recently wrote about here that are defending a drunk driver (alleged) that darn near killed a cop. Certainly ended the officers career and she will be lucky to walk normal ever again. These folks are blaming the officer, department and saying the drunk (alleged) is a good person who just made a mistake and shouldn't / doesn't deserve to be punished and the people who want to see her punished / held accountable just need to shut up because they don't know her and how good she is.

Still a bit curious why a 38 year old male elementary school teacher was in the car driven by a drunk (alleged) 21 year old girl?

And recently while digging for paperwork in the safe I came accross my file of certificate originals including my first emergency medical certification from the Texas Department of Health as an Emergency Care Attendant from more than 30 years ago. That reminded me of why I got into then out of then into then out of then into then out of the public service gigs.

So, buckle up it's going to be a bumpy ride. I have been known to throw in some inappropriate sarcasm and obscure movie quotes just because I can.

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