Thursday, January 21, 2010

If ever the need for the Death Penalty

It is now!


Some Farging Ice Hole out around Lake Livingston SHOT A BALD EAGLE! The Vet School at A&M is treating it and it looks like they will save the bird but it will lose a wing and never fly again.

There is absolutely no excuse for this Ice Hole to continue to steal my oxygen. What in heavens name could justify doing this? Or, could justify allowing the steaming pile of crap that did this to continue to exist?

If I sound pissed off, GOOD, because I am. I just hope TPWD or USF&G catch this guy before any real Red Blooded American does. At least the goober would have a chance of surviving until he gets to trial. If an LEO who has sworn to give the "suspect" the right to continue to breath until after being found guilty by a jury of it's peers gets a hold of it. If it actually comes to its senses, they will turn up at a police station and beg to be put in protective custody. You'll notice I will not even give this bottom feeding shit sucker the satisfaction of calling them human because no human would do something this vile.

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