Thursday, January 14, 2010

Stoopid Gun News

Ripped from this mornings headlines;
"POLICE: Arizona mom tries to trade daughter for gun"

This is just too stupid for words but I'll try. Mom was charged with unlawful sale of a child and solicitation to posses a weapon by a prohibited person. So, mom was a prohibited person, no stranger to the law and obviously not of very sound judgment. I however, would like to know what constitutes "Lawful sale of a child"? That's the way I read it, if she is charged with unlawful sale that implies there is a lawful sale. Instead of attempting to sell a child or something like that.

The next winner is;
"Drugs, Sex, Gunplay, and Death in Maine"

It seems a group of three guys got their rocks off getting doped up and playing Russian Roulette in one guys "Dungeon". Sorry but this just feeds the stereotype that guns are some sort of substitute or compensation. If these three guys wanted to play sex games in a dungeon, that is their own business but the gunplay was so far out of line it isn't even stupid. Trying to say it was consensual doesn't fly either. It is not legal to kill someone even if they ask/want/beg you to. So, using lethal force or attempted lethal force just because someone wants you to doesn't justify use of that force. The guy has been convicted and is now in sentencing as he rightly should be. His defense was that he checked the gun multiple times and that the victim was a thrill seaker who may have slipped a live round in the gun for the extra thrill.

Not gun related but CHIPS is confused as to why an 11 year old was driving a car during a crash that killed him, his little sister and Mom and put a family friend in critical condition.

And not a news story but on the way in to work this morning, misbeHaven and I had to wonder why there was a car driving east in the left westbound lane of the divided road we were on.

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