Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I got into handloading long ago as an exercise in tuning loads for my rifles then got into bulk reloading for competition for me and the Mrs. Everyone has their own motivation but Deer Passion hits the nail on the head. Unfortunately, supplies are drying up lately, especially primers and bullets. Blame Just in Time manufacturing. Nobody in the industry anticipated the rush on ammo would be so large with the election of the most anti-gun president and congress in history. So, they were pretty much caught with their pants down and are running 24/7 to try and catch up. As a result, supplies needed to manufacture ammo is being gobbled up by the big name manufacturers and the second tier supply is not seeing as much. Add to that, the fact that when supplies do come in, they move very quickly!!

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  1. Supplies are diminishing so fast that it's almost depressing.. Thanks for the link!