Saturday, March 28, 2009

Gun Fit Rant

OK, to tired to really do this justice but I'll try while I wind down. Long day today. Defensive Pistol Skills and Beyond the Basics classes today. Two great groups of students and a beautiful day.
Anyway, the rant is gun fit. Shooting is an equipment intensive activity. Having a gun that fits can make the difference between it being impossible, hard and easy to shoot well. It is always interesting to what students will show up for class with in the way of guns and how they fit or don't fit. When a person has small hands, there are few choices. S&W has the M&P with changeable back straps as does Springfield with the new XDm. However, even those choices are not always adequate. There are also those who have hands larger than average that cannot find a grip large enough to properly fit their hand. For small hands there is always a single stack 1911 with a short trigger. However, that is not the first choice for most people. Shooters are always amazed at the difference it makes when they canot seem to get their shots into the center of the target and we switch their gun out for one of our loaners and their shooting magically improves greatly. Unfortunately, this is usually a result of lack of or flat out bad advice from the gun shop where they bought their gun coupled with their lack of sufficient knowlege of gun fit and choice when they're shopping.
More on other topics after a bit of sleep

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  1. I know what you mean... I, my Son and his wife all carry XD-45 Tacticals, both of my daughters shoot them, my 12 year old grand son shots em, but one of my daughters has a husband that has the smallest hands I have ever seen on ANY full grown man...

    He is in the academy right now and I was going to give him an XD-45 for graduation, my son stopped me, told me they had no idea WHAT the kid was going to carry, his hands are too small for most ANY pistol their department authorizes...

    They won't let him carry a Chief's Special..