Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Lego Rant

So, does anyone remember when Lego's were just a collection of blocks of different sizes and colors? Now the only way Lego's come are in kits with pre-shaped parts and decals and Lego men. (I've yet to see a Lego Woman) I'll admit, I have quite the collection of the newer Lego's, specifically helicopters, but what happened to the day when kids got to use their imagination to create? Now, they just follow the picture instructions and get what's on the cover of the box.

UPDATE: Well, Hsoi went and did it here. Yup, don't forget the Technic line of Lego's as well. That really stretches the boundaries of what is Lego and what is just another model kit. When I was growing up I had a suitcase full of blocks that was my Lego kit. The excitement of when the Power Pack came out that was essentially a big gray block with holes in it to stick wheels and a cord on it to the battery pack and switch. That was huge. Now the animation is built into most models.


  1. I can first hand tell you the kits are fun. My 12 y/o is so engrossed in the newer Legos it's sickening. But it does keep him creating.

  2. http://www.dw-world.de/dw/article/0,,4144848,00.html

    Pastor alters Playmobil® (Lego® competitor) to create Bible scenes. Oopsie: cease-and-desist time.

    OK, some - very slight - justifcation: he was publishing pictures of the results. Not charging money, mind...