Thursday, November 17, 2011

@$$#0!e$ in the .mil

Last night, the cities of Bryan and College Station Texas were woken by low flying heavy lift helicopters (Loaded) flying LOW around town for a couple hours at 2-4 AM. They then departed to the east still flying low enough to rattle houses and cause items to shake off of my night stand and the shelf under the TV set at our house.

Explanation on the news was "nothing to worry about, training exercise". Nothing further given.

There are areas specifically set aside for low level night flying training that do not involve flying loaded heavy helicopters over densely populated areas at night. This was not only inconsiderate, it was recklessly dangerous to operate these aircraft over populated areas where any mechanical malfunction would not be recoverable at the altitude they were operating. BTW I am a pilot, aero engineer and rotorhead. I like helicopters and love to see them flying and I definitely support our military. However, some really poor critical decision making skills were exercised and displayed last night.

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