Thursday, October 20, 2011

I'm Shocked

Shocked I tell you. Last Saturday a local choir boy ho read to blind orphans and fed the sick was shot down at his apartment.

After it happened, the PD put out a statement that there was no danger to the general public and that they were investigating and expecting a quick resolution. No further statement by them was issued but the family and friends of the deceased were very quick to point out what a great person the victim was and how he was an honest hard working good friend.

Now the local constabulary has made three arrests. Turns out someone was not happy with the drugs they bought and didn't want to pay for them and retribution was had.

This is my shocked face. :o

This just gets better, Now the father of the seller of the drugs involved says his sons charges should be reduced because he was just in the wrong place with the wrong people at the wrong time. Never mind that he is the one who sold the dope to begin with and he is the one who supplied the guns to the other two who did the shooting.

Dad needs to pull his head out. His son sold drugs, argued with the person he sold them to, went and got friends and guns for backup (whom he had used in the past to help recover drug deals gone bad)and returned to the buyers to continue the argument with armed friends and now someone is dead. His son is guilty of murder, premeditated at that. His son is the root cause of this entire incident and death period.

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