Monday, April 11, 2011

Range Report

Saturday was a long day. Basic Pistol in the morning and Defensive Pistol Skills 2 in the afternoon.

All in all we had two good classes. However, it was hot and windy. The winds that have been driving all the massive brush fires around Texas were blowing up dust and dirt on the range. I must have inhaled a couple pounds of dirt in the course of the day. HSOI has a post up with a pretty graphic indicator of the dirt. (WARNING: GRAPHIC PHOTO CONTENT)

It is always gratifying to see new shooters enjoy themselves and learn that they do in fact have the skill necessary to shoot well. We also had a good discussion about mindset to open up DPS2 class. I will have a separate post on that one coming soon to a computer near you.


  1. Graphic photo content.... ha ha ha. :-)

    - Hsoi

  2. I've been meaning to chat with you about taking a course, whether simply for recreation or potential pre-purchase education. Looks like the next Basic isn't until June?