Friday, April 1, 2011

Adios Marines

Since the F-18 left, the maint crew that flew out to work on it has been waiting for their ride home. The C-130 to take them and their gear home showed up today and same as when unloading, they needed our extended forks to load back up. Great group of guys. We got word that the F-18 landed safely back home so now it is just up to these guys to get home safe. We wished them well and they thanked all of us for the help and were off. The crew chief even gave a wave as they buttoned up.
One interesting thing of note, if you are a math, science, physics or photography geek. There is a phenomenon commonly referred to Wagon Wheel Effect. it refers to the difference in angular rotation of a spoked wheel and the shutter speed and frame rate (more frame rate but shutter speed figures into it) of the camera making the wheel appear to be turning slowly or backwards based on what the eye and mind pick up as the smallest movement. As the engines spool up and the blades start to spin you can see this effect on the video.

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