Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Personal Defense Class FTW

Yesterday Evening misbeHaven and I presented at an overview self defense class to a sorority here on campus. misbeHaven had been invited to present to them and drug me along as a prop. I know, me and 90 sorority girls in a room for the evening, it was tough work but someone had to do it. It was interesting to just sit back and watch the reactions as she spoke. There were a few times where it was real obvious that the light had gone on for some of these ladies. The surprise for me was when asking about how many of them had smoke alarms, had checked and or changed the batteries, had fire extinguishers and first aid kits and had gotten training in first aid and CPR. An overwhelming majority raised their hands. Restores my faith in future generations. These ladies took personal responsibility seriously and it showed. It was a genuine delight to have made the all too short presentation and I expect to see some of them in upcoming training classes.

Overall a big win all the way around.

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