Wednesday, March 30, 2011

BATF&E&RBF Shotgun Shenanigans

Well, it looks like the BATF&E&RBF is acting on their shotgun "study" that they published back in January this year that I wrote about back then. Study is actually here. They are looking to ban importation of shotguns that they deem not for sporting purposes despite their popularity in the shooting SPORT of IPSC and other action shooting SPORTS. Likely this will be followed by a reclassification of these as destructive devices requiring a $200 tax stamp and BATF&E&RBF approval for ownership and any future transfer just like a machine gun.

So, now is the time to comment to and let the BATF&E&RBF know that they need to stop this reclassification and accept the fact that IPSC and other action shooting SPORTS are in fact SPORTS and these shotguns are part of that. They need to stop trying to classify shotgun sports as only trap and skeet. Really, they need to drop the whole sporting purposes test but that is another battle for another day.


  1. Actually if they are reclassified as destructive devices, being as it is now after 1968, they will not be transferrable to civilians. They would be handled just like post-1986 machine gune.

  2. Wally, they would still be transferable if they treat them the same as SPAs-12 and Street Sweeper that were reclassified the same way.

  3. Oh, I was unclear. If they are ruled DDs, any future imports will not be transferable to civilians. GCA68 stopped imports of DDs, and anything that comes in now is nontransferable. Every so often a HK 40mm launcher comes up for restricted sale.

    For those Siagas already in the country, yes, I agree with you. Reclassification would result in transferable status.

  4. Good post. I've contacted Pete Olson and John Cornyn about this issue and urged them to oppose any actions by the ATF based upon this study. I've spoken with the Senator recently about other ATF issues and he's assured me that he will oppose any such actions by the ATF.