Monday, June 14, 2010

Not so Random Cannon Sightings

These two beauties are from Stonington CT and are two of the three cannons used in the battle of 1812 to repulse Sir Thomas Hardy and four of Her Majesties finest ships over the course of four days. Not a single life was lost on land in Stonington while the British suffered quite a wuppin by those darn American upstarts. They are currently undergoing restoration at one of the labs here at Texas A&M University. I had to make a trip out to one of the remote hangers to check out some equipment and I had to pass the restoration facility on the way. As I was going past, I spotted one sitting out and had to stop and snap some pictures. Also got a bit of a history lesson in the process as I asked where they were from. The smaller cannon in the background is from the City of Mexia Texas just up the road a bit. The University is doing restoration work on their cannon as well.

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