Sunday, June 6, 2010


So, on up into MT from UT. There were lots of granite clouds out and about this morning. Still beautiful scenery. Lots to see along the way. The extreme conditions along the way lead to some unusual phenomenon. Like square clouds. We also ran into a shipment of wind turbine blades. Being a geek and working in a wind tunnel and occasionally testing wind turbine designs, this was a cool thing to see.

There was plenty of snow on the ground in the mountains. Just for HSOI! We didn't get any snow where we are staying so no joy there but it has been cold and raining occasionally. More posts later.

We ran across a Bald Eagle along the way. Well, we didn't actually run into it but we saw it. I tried to snap a picture of it while we sped by. Way too cool to see. Wish I had had my long lens on the camera to get a closer picture of this one.

Finally we arrive at and or near our destination. As we were driving up the mountain, we scared up a couple Bull Elks! The In Laws informed us we just missed a herd of 9 Bull Elk the previous morning in the yard of the house. I'm just waiting for a repeat of this so I can get some pictures.

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