Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

So, this morning started with more winds and 29 degrees. Once it got above freezing misbeHaven and I took a walk around the fence line and property checking out all the things we haven't gotten done and have on our plate for the new year. It's an impressive list to say the least. Also found more trash left over from previous owners deep in the woods at our property line creek bed. We also surveyed the damage (downed trees) from yesterdays winds. Gonna have to get the chain saw out to cut the one over the cemetery fence.

While misbeHaven was cooking dinner, I went out to fix fence lines that we had identified this morning. First I had to chase the older calf back onto our place before fixing the fence on the west pasture. Then came the inevitable phone call, "Uh, hon, can you stop cooking and get in your truck and come pull me out? Where? South pasture, east end by the tank, I pulled too far forward into a swampy area from the rains yesterday and now I can't get loose, even in 4WD." Rather than spinning and digging I just made the call and waited. Popped right out and we were off. Dinner would be ready in 15 minutes anyway and that was the last fence repair for today. Eventually we have to rip the entire west fence line out and replace it but it is not this day.

I won't comment about dinner dress other than to say we didn't dress up. I had to take my boots off because of the mud and the other brown mushy substance, not mud, picked up out in the pasture.

Now we are waiting for the pumpkin pie to finish baking and we'll have desert. What a great day!

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