Sunday, December 6, 2009

In the Darkest Depths of Mordor

The Wife and I checked into a hotel.
OK, so it doesn't quite have the right ring to it.

We made our semi-annual pilgrimage to Austin to the Texas DPS (State Police) Academy for our CHL Instructor renewal class. We start at 07:30 on the range and the weather channel predicts 34F with a wind chill of 32F with light rain and drizzle. Yea!

Should make for an interesting range session. At least on the way we stopped by the A-Zone for a tune up and to make sure the factory ammo we got functions reliably in our guns. DPS does not allow use of reloads or even non mainstream factory ammo on their range. Interestingly, a friend went through class last week and his XD would not function with the Winchester WhiteBox ammo he got his hands on. It's 100% with UMC and with Defensive ammo. Must be a batch of hard primers in this ammo. I have Win WhiteBox as well but my XD functions with it and the Mrs' Kimber is 100% with her WWB ammo. The Remington .38Spc ammo we have left over from last time we did this and it functions in both our revos so we're covered for that portion of the shooting tests as well.

I will say I am not happy with my shooting. I've spent so much time teaching lately, I haven't practiced as much as I should. I'm shooting well enough to pass and probably will shoot a 250/250 but I still don't like how I am shooting. The Mrs and I have made a pact to practice more and drive each other to get back to where we should be.

As for Austin, After spending my formative years in and around Austin, I really don't like it here any more. It is not the town I grew up in. It feels more like Dallas or Houston than Austin. Add the resident fruit cakes trying to make it a Communist Paradise and you have someplace I'm glad I don't live anymore.

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