Friday, September 11, 2009

What a Day for a Funeral

It's September 11, 2009, On this most hallowed of days,

Army 2nd Lt. Darryn D. Andrews body was flown in today on his way home to Cameron. Lt Andrews was killed
Friday in Paktia province, Afghanistan when his vehicle was hit by an IED and then attacked by RPG's. His 2YO son celebrated his birthday Monday and his wife is due to deliver their second soon.

It was a somber thing to see the Army Honor Guard, the Patriot Guard Riders and a host of local ad state law enforcement officers receive his body along with his family and friends. The Airport Fire Station emptied as the Firemen stood at attention while the procession passed.

Sorry, I just couldn't bring myself to take pictures.

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  1. Yeah, definitely not a good day for a funeral. Keep your chin up. On a good note, I did see a Ford Tri Motor for the second day today. It makes it worth it having to listen to all those Gulfstreams, Citation Bizjets, and Cessna 172's.