Sunday, September 27, 2009

D Movie Review

Friday the mailbox had a package of video love from Amazon in it. Actually it was from a reseller through Amazon but still Video Love.

It had all the essential elements of a bad scifi movie;

Busload of blind Orphans? Check
Bus breaks down in middle of nowhere? Check
Small mining town in middle of nowhere? Check
Abandoned uranium mine just outside town? Check
Evil Mortician who is actually failed government scientist? Check
Midget morticians assistant? Check
Mortician makes dead townspeople into Zombies? Check
Renegade biker gang led by a lesbian on the road into town? Check
Newest member of gang happens to have been Homecoming Queen in this small town? Check
Cue the hilarity,
Zombies break out of mine where mortician is keeping them and terrorize town.
Small town hicks are already up in arms against the biker gang. Zombies arrive and townspeople can't "kill" them because they're family. Bikers have to save town and blind orphans. Homecoming Queen hooks up with husband she ran out on. (Billy Bob Thornton in his first movie). "Cycle Sluts" save the town, mortician gets attacked by zombie, midget takes care of the kids. Oh Yeah, Martha Quin gets killed by the zombies in the middle of all that!

That's Right; "Chopper Chicks in Zombie Town"!

Takes me back to Dobie Screens on UT Campus more years ago than I care to admit.

Brought to you by Troma, the folks who brought you Toxic Avenger and Teenage Catgirls in Heat as well as other horror classics.

Definitely a must see for folks who like really bad movies.

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  1. haha, certainly sounds worth a watch, if just for the young-Billy Bob factor