Saturday, July 11, 2009

Life Gets in the Way

Sorry for the lack of posting lately. Remember that generator bearing failure? Well, things spiraled out of control from there. After getting the generator back and new main bearings installed we had to run double shifts to try and catch up. That meant taxing other systems harder than normal. Let's just say we found a few things that had weak spots in them. Finally we had two days this past week where nothing major went wrong. That was nice.
On the home front, there is always stuff to do here. Like closing in that cased opening between the kitchen and formal reloading room. Getting the house in some sort of presentable shape for a series of out of town visitors. Still trying to get stuff moved in from storage as we get various rooms finished remodeling. It just goes on and on. Need to get the new bed in the guest bedroom situated for the visitors.

Did I mention the promotion at work? Longer hours and more responsibilities, YEAH! And of course, I am now back to being exempt from having a life. I was exempt at one time and went back to hourly when we moved here. Now I'm back in an exempt position. Should be an interesting time.


  1. Missing hearing from you... and missed seeing you this past Saturday.

    Glad to hear you're still breathing. :-) And congratulations on the promotion.

  2. Yeah, Friday we finally had a day where nothing major went wrong. Just lots of work to do to get that test finished up late. Still had to tear down this morning early to get setup for the next customer.
    Spent the weekend doing construction work around the house. At least the Formal Reloading Room is now closed off and we should be ready to paint the kitchen late this week or this weekend.