Thursday, July 30, 2009

Evacuation Orders

Well, there is a chemical fire north of town and the evacuation orders keep expanding south. While they haven't reached us yet, the border is the north limit of the airport grounds and the designated shelter is on the primary route home. So, I'm bugging out early and taking alternate route that goes south first. Wheeeeeeee. misbeHaven is supposed to be driving to Austin this evening which means driving west on Hwy21. Which is where the fire is and the road is CLOSED. Not going tonight even by an alternate route.

UPDATE: The entire city of Bryan TX is under an evacuation order and the cloud is drifting south into College Station. 10 people in hospital so far and we shall see where things go. Fortunately we are far enough out of town that it should not be an issue for us here at Casa de Geek.

Called a friend earlier that works out by the chemical plant that is burning and lives in the evacuation zone. He's in Vegas at a conference!

The entire county is mobilized and the decision is to let it burn. They can't get people in to fight it because of the chemicals involved and the location so they are waiting it out and letting the plant burn. Have to wait and see how long this drags on. University may be closed tomorrow from the way they are talking on the TV at the moment.

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  1. Yikes. No fun.

    Hope all remains safe for y'all (and others I know up in B/CS), and that things return to normal soon.