Thursday, April 18, 2013

What are you prepared to do?

We talk all the time about being prepared. Training with your personal defense weapon, doing force on force training to prepare your mind to make the right decision if the time comes. How many of you have trained with a fire extinguisher? How many of you have trained with your first aid kit?

How many of you even have an every day carry first aid kit and fire extinguisher?

Karl Rehn of KRTraining wrote up an article for concealed carry magazine about the Medicine X class put on by Lone Star Medics at the A-Zone range. If you want to get the most bang for your buck in your training, you need to get medical training. When the unexpected happens, are you ready to deal with it? I and others smarter than I have said it repeatedly, the only thing you are guaranteed to have on you when things go wrong is your brain. You may or may not have that fancy schmancy first aid kit with all kinds of bells and whistles. You may just have the clothes on your back. You may have seen it coming or you may have just run a marathon and be out of breath as you gave the race your all. You may have been driving one of the vehicles that just got pancaked and now you need to coagulate your feces and deal with the aftermath, otherwise,someone is going to die and it may be someone you love. You may be in the middle of a major metropolitan area with three major trauma centers just blocks away or you may be on Farm to Market road XXXX halfway between no and where. NOW WHAT?

Not everyone can go to fire school and get multiple runs at a fire pit but there are alternatives. Get fire extinguisher training at work, at community college at your local fire department. Get familiar with your extinguishers and how they operate. Get to know the different types of fires and how best to attack them. Most importantly, just like force on force training getting you head wrapped around making the right decision when things go pear shaped defensively. You need training on what to do when things go non-linear with fire. You do know that you need to be able to get away right? Just as in self defensive shootings, things are not worth losing your life over. You need to be prepared to turn tail and run when you can. Use the fire extinguisher to get out and away. You do know that don't you?

So I ask again, WHAT ARE YOU PREPARED TO DO? I mean really, what do you have the training and mindset to do to save your life or that of someone you love. Or for that matter, to save the life of someone you have never met.

Are you really prepared? If not, what are ya gonna do about it?

Go get training, be prepared.

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