Monday, February 4, 2013

You do carry a flashlight right?


So, I hear there was some sort of professional easter egg toss last night that in the middle of it the power went out and half the stadium was in the dark. Just one more example of why you should carry a flashlight everywhere all the time. You never know when power is going to go out and you will be left in the dark. Even if it is a simple keychain light it is better than nothing.


  1. On my cell phone.
    It's one of the reasons I got that specific one.

  2. Yup, I never leave home without my Surefire or my Fenix. My carry-light fetish started out of geeking up a legitimate necessity at work, but now I carry one everywhere, all the time. And not just for the freak power outage. It's great at work digging around in the wind tunnels, great coming home after dark out in the country, and in a zillion other odd-ball situations. The lady behind you drop her glasses at the movie theater? Here, ma'am. I've developed a quick-draw reflex for whenever I need some light. ;-)

    I use it more than my (also every-day-carry) knife/multi-tool.

  3. Well, I do try to keep a Surefire Kroma with me at all times. Damn fancy flashlight, if you ask me, but I like it.

    I also have a Mag Lite mini, converted to ultraviolet. That one's cool for lighting up scorpions, and useful for finding dog spots. (Yes, they both fluoresce.)

  4. Yeah, I always keep at least a keychain light, and usually more.

    I have a bad habit of giving them away, though.