Sunday, March 14, 2010

Biometric ID Card

So, Chuckles Schumer and RINO not going to be mentioned here have introduced legislation to solve our work / illegal worker problems by mandating EVERY person eligible to work in the US carry a government issued biometric ID card.

I think this is a great idea. Think about it, many companies already issue ID cards with either swipe readers or butt scanners for access control in their facilities. So, just build that into the new cards and you don't have to have a separate card for work. Just one card gets you in. Since it has work information on it already, just put the entire work history on it along with education and when you go in for an interview, you just swipe your card and the potential employer gets your resume off the card. No more pesky applications to fill out.

And since you already have to carry it, just do away with Drivers Licenses, just one more little bit of data to encode on the smartchip in the card. Your entire driving record could be on it along with restrictions, previous violations and any endorsements for commercial drivers. Since they have to carry this card anyway since they are driving for work, it just eliminated another card they have to carry.

How many credit cards do you carry? Well, just make that another encoding on the smart card. Then when you check out all you have to do is tell teh store which card you want to put it on. Poof, more cards disappear from you wallet/purse/pocket.

What about FIOD/CCW/CHL whatever cards that are issued by your state for owning or carrying a firearm? Since the firearms ownership/carry database should be linked to the drivers license "for officer safety" that can just be another bit of information stored on the card. Poof another card goes away.

Since this is about "officer safety" in addition to putting the info on the card smartchip, there can just be another color. When you wear this card on a lanyard around your neck, (as should be required in public like it is in the more security conscious companies)the approaching officers can identify you from a distance by the color of your badge. So, "normal" people would have a blue background behind their picture. Maybe make green for minors so easy for bartenders to know if you can drink and shopkeepers to know if they can sell you cigarettes. Red means you have a FIOD/CCW/CHL, pink could mean you are a convicted sexual predator, Rainbow stripes would mean your gay (no more awkward moments), black means you've been convicted of DWI or had your drivers license suspended for some reason and we could even put big yellow stars on them for the Jews.

UPDATE: So, per comments, add a cross for Christians, a star and crescent for muslims, we already covered the Jews, a big circle for Atheists and maybe a square for Agnostics, pentagram for Satanists, a tree for Druids, a bush for Reformed Druids, a goat for Pagans..............


  1. 1st, let me just say, Chuckles Schumer is a bleeding MORON...

    Uh, OK, that about covers it...

  2. Don't forget religion.

    I need to be able to see what religious affiliation you have so I can determine if it safe to insult your beliefs. Christians (as I am) are fair game but any other belief must be protected.

    Also, don't forget the entire "feeding a government ward" area.

    Avoiding the embarrassment of presenting food stamps or a Lone Star Card by having it on the smart card......just another option where people can charge it to the government instead of being responsible adults.