Friday, October 16, 2009

Ah what a day

The Anointed one has decided to grace us back woods inbred rednecks with a visit so things around here are a bit weird. USSS has been in town for a few days checking things out and informing us of the modified schedules that we are going to have to work around. WOOOOHOOOO, leave work early today!

I do not envy the USSS officers their duties. With the current climate of resentment towards the Socialist agenda that BHO is pushing and this being one of the last bastions of conservative secondary education, their job is tough. I will say they very much appear to have their act together. I have the greatest respect for the men and women who serve on the presidential detail as well as all the local agents that have been brought in to compliment their ranks. They are definitely professionals doing a tough job.

On the aircraft front, while having a C-17 come in is an awesome sight, there is nothing like the feeling of a flight of heavy Helo's coming in together. During preparations for this visit, a group of Marine Helo's came through to check the area out and deliver people/stuff. When the ground shakes and the building rattles and you can feel the pounding in your chest, there is definitely some work being done by the Helo's to try and beat the air around them into submission. I would have posted pictures but the USSS folks asked us not to be taking pictures when we came out to watch them approaching. Sorry. Besides, pictures are no where near as impressive as the feeling!

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