Monday, February 2, 2009

Work SUX

So, the 1300HP synchronus AC motor that is the heart of where I work took a huge dump today. Wouldn't sync up. So, up into the greasy oily mess that is the main motor housing we go to find the brushes that link the DC generator to the Field windings are hosed in a most spectacular way. The insulation on hte brush holders as well as on the rings is burnt through and has arc'd enough to eat away at the underlying bolts. Now, not just anyone has the right size of phenolic material to make these insulators and being in a not so large college town means the parts to fix are not available locally. So, with a customer waiting, we are ordering parts for first AM and will be working long days all week to make up time. BLEH!

FedEx First AM ROCKS!!!!!!
It helps to be located on the airport grounds but at 06:45 this morning FedEx pulled in to deliver the package of phenolic needed to make the insulators we needed to replace. With the machinists working their butts off and some gymnastics to get the parts installed by 09:45 the motor was up and running and we are back to the grind.

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