Thursday, May 20, 2010

Randon Rotorcraft Sightings

So, today we had visitors from the United States Marines. You know, the guys that staff a can of whup ass? They came through at lunch (probably Freebirds) and stopped in for a short bit. At least long enough for me to snap a couple pictures.

I heard the N model Huey pass overhead and ran out to see what model it was (nothing makes the same sound as a Huey), then caught sight of the Super Cobra as he made a low pass around the south of the hangers on his way to the helipads.

This is the first Cobra I've seen with these particular exhaust ports. All the Super Cobra's I've seen previously has the ports vertically not horizontally. There is a distinct addition to the tail end of the engine housing that changes these from vertical to horizontal. Guess I need to do some reading up on the latest variants.


  1. From talking to a couple of pilots at Marine Week in Boston, the Hueys and Cobras are getting another life extension program. The Huey at least will be getting four blade rotors to make them more quiet. Gone will be the distinct and unique sound. I'm not sure about the Cobras, but apparently both will be getting a new, common power pack.

  2. I know about the "Zulu upgrade for the Cobra that takes it to a four bladed main rotor and there are variants of the Huey that are four bladed as well. I had suspected the Marines to continue upgrades on these two since they have the infrastructure in place to support these.

    Always questioned the USArmy and the Lakota program as they already have the infrastructure in place to support the Kiowa and Kiowa Warrior. So, why invent a new machine with different everything instead of upgrading or purchasing an upgraded version of what you already support?

  3. That particular model is the AH-1W It's got upgraded avionics, and can carry a couple of other weaps :-)

  4. The Whiskey upgrades I've seen in the past had the exhaust ports oriented vertically NFO. That's what has me confused.