Monday, May 31, 2010

The Other side of Pikes Peak

Although we had a net mileage of 0 miles progress yesterday, we drove around a bunch. Did some shopping here in Colorado Springs, drove out to the brothers then through the mountains to Divide CO. Got pictures of Pikes peak from our Hotel. Then drove around The Springs a bit and for you LotR fans, we came across the ENT federal Credit Union. Didn't know they had their own credit union but I guess that's pretty cool. Then drove out to the Brothers and got some more more pictures then headed out to divide. Problem is, there is only one road through the Rockies out here and someone lost control of their car and crashed head on into the cliffs on the side of the road, flipped over and came to rest upside down in the roadway. Caused quite the traffic backup and there was only one lane around them after the local FD got debris cleaned up from the one passable lane. Once we finally got out to Divide, we got a great view of the west side of Pikes Peak. Not the most often seen view.

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  1. Very cool. I went up Pikes Peak back when I was young. I think on some kind of cog rail but I'm not sure. It was an amazing experience.