Tuesday, May 11, 2010


So it would appear that a few cities in Massachusetts decided to waste taxpayer money and their time by boycotting Arizona over their enforcement of immigration law. Jay G has a post up in which he suggests it would be a good idea for Texas to Boycott Massachusetts because of their assault weapons ban.

I am with him and fully support his boycott. I call on all Texans to boycott anything made by or affecting interstate commerce with any Massholes or products of Massachusetts.

Having been sentenced to employment there for a year and living near Derry NH while working in Andover MA taught me enough about the state and the powers that be in that area of the country and how things are done the Boston Way. Kinda like the Chicago Way that the rest of the country is finally learning about now.



  1. I'm afraid I would have to disagree (not that I buy much if anything out of MA anyway) for the following reasons:

    1. This wasn't an official state action, but rather the action of individual cities.

    2. As the election of Scott Brown showed, the political culture of Massachusetts is slowly but surely changing. Boycotting the entire state for the actions of a few liberal elites would hinder rather than help that change. I suspect there are a goodly number of Massachusetts residents who support the Arizona bill, and we may hear from them come November.

    3. Knee-jerk reactions to other knee-jerk reactions are rarely wise.

    4. There are still a number of gun manufacturers in Massachusetts, most notably Smith & Wesson (who have, I believe, repented of their craven Clinton-era cave-in). Such a boycott would hurt them far more than liberal city councilcritters.

    5. Such a boycott would only hurt potential friends and make no impression on enemies.

    Thoughts on the Arizona law here:


    Lawrence Person

  2. We need to boycott Austin. Their city council is boycotting Arizona as well. We need to take out our local loonies first and then spread it around the nation.