Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Lack of complete news coverage?

Last week, an athlete who was graduating High School fell asleep on his way home from the prom and crashed head on into another vehicle killing himself and the driver of the other vehicle. This was evidently no ordinary graduate as he had been signed already to Texas A&M to play basketball. The news has been full of coverage of his memorial and the fact that A&M's coach went to his memorial. The local TV and paper even put out the address to send cards and make contributions to his memorial fund.

THERE WAS NOT ONE MENTION OF THE NURSE HE KILLED. In a week of coverage there was no mention other than "one other driver was also killed in the collision" in any of the news reports There was a third vehicle that he hit that the driver was injured. Again no mention of him or his condition in any of the reports. No one mentioned that the person he killed by his negligence was a nurse at MD Anderson Cancer Center and Hospital there in Houston and was on her way to work.

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  1. gotta love the local media. we had this situation a few years ago in central texas.
    high school junior delivering pizzas went the wrong way on the service road and hit my neighbor head on. he was in the hospital for three weeks and she was in for eight months.
    a big deal was made of the fact that he was able to come back and graduate with his senior class. the only mention she got was that she was "treated and released."
    go figure