Monday, May 31, 2010

Almost to Utah

So, we made the trip over the Continental Divide to the west side of the Rockies. We passed over the divide through the Eisenhower Tunnel. How weird is it to go through a tunnel at 10,000'AMSL? Anyone?

Kinda funny though, I drove trucks for a short period back in the mid 80's and thank goodness I never had to use a runaway lane. Especially not one like this.

And while it is deadly serious, If you've lost your brakes, buy new ones here!

And if you are taking incoming Rifle Fire and you need protection from it, There's an entire district devoted to just that. This would be Downtown Rifle CO. Yes I suck at taking pictures from a moving vehicle. I know that.

And, if you hadn't figured it out by now from past postings, I work in a Wind Tunnel. So, when this guy passed us, I HAD to get a picture of it. For those who live in caves, this is a Scion xB most often referred to as an XBOX since it is a box on wheels.
The sticker on the left says "aerodynamics are overrated" That tips my giggle box over right there.

Tomorrow, should be an Ogreish day if not Monsterish. Stay tuned for a post of the days adventures.


  1. I love the pic from downtown Rifle. :D

    When I was driving out to Norfolk for the Blackwater shindig, I had an eighteen wheeler catch his brakes on fire right next to me in scenic WV. That was pretty exciting.

  2. Yeah, after getting to the hotel and downloading all the pictures off the camera I noticed how bad I sucked on one of the few I really wanted to come out clear. It's OK though, there are so many more cool scenery pics that misbeHaven took while I was flying down the road and of special guest appearances made during our vacation.