Thursday, September 22, 2011

The new Calf is here! The new Calf is here!

So this is our newest calf. 3/4 black Angus, 1/4 Longhorn. I have named him Veal. We shall see but my plan is to fill the freezer with him next spring. That discussion is still ongoing and likely will continue till that time.


  1. When I was on Det. Vieques (Puerto Rico) we bought a kid goat that we named Dead Meat.
    He ended up being a dog with horns.

  2. Veal has a cold spot in my deep freeze reserved for him already. Very much not a pet.

  3. Is that calf's mama 1/2 longhorn? How'd she do carrying that calf through the most brutal Texas summer ever?

    We're trying to freshen up our Dexter milk cow via AI, but she missed last month and its starting to look like a July-August due date if we breed her this month. If next summer is is as bad or worse than this one she could be awful miserable.

  4. Yes 1/2 Long Horn Mom. She held up very well including leading the herd on a breakout to a field a couple miles away.