Friday, September 9, 2011

Bastrop Complex Fire Happy Ending kinda

So, I have gotten word of something that will likely not make the front page news but warms my heart.

One of the horse stables in the Bastrop Complex Fire got evacuated. While they managed to get the horses out, the tack had to be left behind in the limited time available. Some of this was quite expensive including some very high end saddles ($10Kish). the tack was secured in a concrete walled tack room that survived the fire, unlike the barn and other structures in the area. When owners returned to scope out the damage once it was deemed safe, they found that the tack room had been broken into and emptied.

(/siderage)I think the persons responsible for this should be tied to a tree in the path of the fire and left to burn in it. After the horror and damage caused by the fire, to find out you have also been targeted by looters is the ultimate insult.(/siderage)

Well, one of the owners found listings on Ebay for items stolen from the barn. Calls to Ebay and the sellers information was then parsed by folks at a local high tech firm who contacted the local ISP and then passed on to the APD leading to the arrest of the perps and recovery of the stolen items. All within about 9 hours or so of the discovery. While it is still a hassle for the owners, there were people who cared enough to put out the work to make this happen. I am willing to bet that those involved with the hunt and recovery were pissed off by the act that these pieces of shit perpetrated.

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