Tuesday, September 6, 2011

How STUPID do you have to be

to burn trash while there is not only a burn ban but half the state is on fire?

While Bastrop county is on fire and is now the largest fire in Texas, it is just one of many. There is a fire in Leon county that has most of the Brazos Valley choking. I am contemplating sending the Mrs away because her asthma and the soot and smoke do not mix well. Smoke was so think yesterday on the drive home that we had to slow down as if the fire was right there on the roadway. There is a fire out of control along the Montgomery/Grimes/Waller county line. Call just went out for all available tankers and brush trucks in the area to report to the command post in Todd Mission for the morning attack. Followed five minutes later by a dispatch of SO and FD to an illegal burn outside Navasota!!! What kind of a moron would even contemplate doing such a thing?

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