Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fire Danger

So we are under another red flag warning for the fire danger based on a frontal passage. Luckily for us the fire danger in our area has been downgraded from (/Monstertruck Announcer) EXTREME (/Monstertruck Announcer) to (/Stoner) Very High (/Stoner). I sure am glad they are not pushing a color code system too much for this. If they did, I think we would have moved from Cherry Red to Burnt Orange. We all know that is not a cool color in this neck of the woods. As it is, we are averaging 8MPH winds with mid to upper 20's gusts in the trees. Along with a humidity in the low 30's! Yikes!! That is not good juju.
So, we sit and watch and wait. Hoping someone doesn't pull a bonehead and light up a burn barrel or decide to grille today and torch half the county. That doesn't mean that we won't have one of the multitude of dead and or dieing trees fall on a power line and spark up a blaze back where no one notices for a while.
Damn, I can't wait for a seriously good soaking rain.

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