Tuesday, September 28, 2010

More Unpossible

It seems there was a shooting this morning on the University of Texas at Austin campus. That is UNPOSSIBLE, everyone knows that it is illegal to carry a firearm on campus much less into a university building. So, obviously someone in the news got it wrong because this could not have happened. I mean, there is a law against it already so we need to make more laws against it since it couldn't happen. We need to further restrict the rights of law abiding citizens to protect them form people who ignore the law.

Support Campus Carry Reform!

UPDATE: Word is the shooter is a 19yo Sophomore math major. APD identified gun as AK47. I doubt it. More likely an AK clone but if it is even an actual semi auto AK Clone. I'll give it to them. I wouldn't be surprised for it to be a Marlin .22. Kid lived at home with parents and they have sealed off the culdesac where the house is. Cops carrying bags of "evidence" out of the house.

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