Wednesday, September 1, 2010

In the beginning

There was the bbs, geeks dialed in and said, "Hey this is cool!"

The along came Al Gore and his invention, the Interwebs.
Soon the Interwebs became more like their inventor, Fat, Bloated and lazy.

And the chosen one sent us Saint Oleg who brought forth The High Road.
And Yea the Signal:Noise Ratio went up and gungeeks the world over rejoiced.

Originally this was going to be the start of a much larger post. That one is coming but I thought this really deserved its own place. Am I dating myself to say I used a 1200 baud modem hard wired into the phone line that was the same size as my computer to dial into the bbs's back in the day? Or that my first connection was a teletype terminal with rubber cups to place the phone handset into to call into a DEC10? Or that I was working for a Tandy Corp when the Trash-80 came out and already had a few years of programming under my belt by that time?


  1. I'm not sure it's possible to date yourself. I mean, really. How would you do it? Take yourself out for a cheap dinner, get yourself drunk so you can take yourself home and take advantage of your weakened moral state to surf the internet for bad porn? You are, however, giving us an indication of your vintage.

  2. Am I dating myself


    I was in high school when the Trash 80 came out. I my first modem was a 2400 baud, screaming fast in the land of 300 baud modems, and I too first dialed into BBS's.