Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Entitlement Generation

I guess I am just getting old and crotchety.

StarFire Satellite (sat internet resellers) has been running a radio ad that features a whiny teenage sounding female.
Are you listening to me? I said, I want high speed internet, I NEED high speed internet, I DESERVE high speed internet and I need it NOW!

What's wrong with this picture? OK so there is no picture really it is radio. However, the whole entitlement generation that feels they deserve something just for their ability to process air into highly carbon dioxided air just bugs me. Every time the commercial comes on it makes me glad I don't have internet by satellite.

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  1. I had to work with one of these little [censored] at the store remodel. The puke-swilling bag of crap had the attitude that, because he'd just graduated from high school, he was the king of the universe and everyone should listen to him - including our supervisors and managers. He told them what to do instead of taking orders despite being just another grunt...and those of us who knew that he wasn't in charge enraged him because we simply ignored him. He would follow behind us, yelling in order to get our attention, but we just kept walking. Nearly made him cry, he was so frustrated. Beautiful, beautiful stuff there.

    He quit a couple of months into the job because, apparently, the work was "beneath" him. Good luck finding another job in our virtually dead, local economy, kid.