Friday, September 10, 2010


Did you know, you can walk into the local Case/IH dealer and get factory off the shelf parts for a 1947 FarmAll Model H?

I'll have to dig out some pictures or just hop my happy little butt outside with the camera and take a couple fresh ones.

This is our daily driver as it were. We use the tractor as our main worker around Casa deGeek.

I had been running it pretty hard lately. Had a friend buy rural property that does not have a tractor of his own at this time so I went out and shredded his pasture then came back home and continued the shredding around here. Two weeks ago, while shredding the west pasture (weed control) the tractor started missing something awful. Over the last week I dug into the engine to discover that one of the intake valve spring retainers had let go and dropped a valve so that cylinder was firing back into the intake manifold. Called the dealer and talked to the guys at the parts counter and they had the right stuff ordered for me in a matter of minutes. Two days later (yesterday) the parts were in. It took me till today (insane work schedule) to get by and pick up the parts. Worked late and finally got home to install the parts. misbeHaven even came out and helped work on the tractor. Got the new retainer and locks installed and rocker arms and shaft along with various other parts and cranked the engine. It lived and breathed. We are back in business.

Which is good, we came home to three cows and two calves the other day. We have 7 cows and 4 calves! They had bulldozed through the fence line to the north that leads to the hay pasture of our neighbor. We got them back in and closed off the cross fence to the north pasture so they couldn't get to that area. I called our neighbor and let him know what happened and that we would be working on it this weekend. Came home today to find that he had gotten out of work during the day and fixed the hole. Problem is, our plan to fix the problem is the tear the entire fence line out and clear the area and put up a new fence from scratch. Telephone poles for corner poles and wood posts every 100 feet with T posts in between. 6 strands of barbed wire 9" apart. Basically what we have been using around the property as we have replaced fence. So. in between work we are clearing and fencing. Chimera even came out for the weekend to help. Just have to see if we get called into work tomorrow to setup another test for running before our next regularly scheduled customer gets in Monday. (Remember that insane work schedule I mentioned earlier?)


  1. hey,

    Do you ever work with a guy named Tom vonHatten from Boeing? If so, I know him.

  2. Ask Tom where he spent the last two weeks.