Friday, March 26, 2010

The Rules

Are quite simple;
1) No bodily fluids.
2)No physical property damage.
3)No personal Injury. Or potential thereof.

I work with a bunch of nut cases. We enjoy work because we have fun at what we are doing, we enjoy working together and occasionally play pranks on each other to lighten the mood. The student workers get into the action every now and then as well.

So, "The Girl" (the only female student worker now) and "Patty Cakes" (we give our pet students pet names) have a running feud and it was her turn to get one on him. So, we kept him busy this morning while she worked on his car. At lunch.......he discovered the joke was on him. It certainly made the drive to lunch interesting as we made him drive.Yup, it says just married. Can't wait to see his response. Expect it to be soon and big. He's down by 2 at this point.

Rule number 4 is coming soon.... Must be done at work so we can all share in the joke!

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