Thursday, March 4, 2010

One More Reason

To never fly commercial again.

As if it isn't enough to have to put up with the TSA dog and Pony show. (I'd call them clowns but that would be an insult to clowns everywhere.)

And the charges for checked bags to go with tightened restrictions on carry-ons that you end up having to gate check anyway.

Now some maroon at the airlines figured out that people of average height and or stature desire to sit in the exit rows for teh few extra inches of legroom. Hard to fold that 6'+ frame into the ever shrinking seats in cattle car class.
So, in response to the extra demand for exit rows, ........wait for it.........., they are going to start charging a surcharge to sit in an exit row!

Yup, supply and demand at it's finest, very limited supply and high demand, we can charge for that and make more money! Screw customer service we can charge for this. Maybe we can use it as an incentive and wave or reduce the surcharge for platinum elite passengers.

Hell, they already stopped all but the most basic food and drink service and charge stupid "convenience" fees for a sacked sandwich and cookie. The TSA takes your bottle of water or can drinks away "for your safety" so you have to buy from the "secure" vendors who have a franchise with the airport.

Next thing they are going to charge a seatbelt surcharge. Or maybe a blanket and pillow surcharge. Oh Wait! They already charge for blanket and pillows on some flights now. Maybe charge for air conditioning or I know, pay toilets! That's the answer. That will even keep the terrorists form using the restrooms to setup their bombs, we set the bathrooms up so they only take good old fashioned American dollar bills. You know it will cost more than pocket change.


  1. Just wait. Instead of those masks dropping down in the case of a sudden cabin decompression, you're going to have to swipe your credit card for the $10 oxygen fee first.

    I'm pretty content to never fly again.

  2. I have a friend that flies commercial, a lot, he's a Texas DPS Trooper and he has some extracurricular activities he tends to all over the USA..

    Even whit a CHL, a DPS Sgts. badge and a Texas DPS commission, he can't fly armed... That is one HUGE crock of BS..