Monday, March 22, 2010

Better to be quiet...

...and let people think you're a fool, then to open your mouth and prove it.

So one day last week, I was helping one of the grad students with a procedure, and we were chatting a bit. She mentioned that she likes Eddie Izzard. I agreed and mentioned a couple of his sets that I enjoy. Then she said that the reason she likes him is that he "rags on the NRA"... and she elaborated by quoting a few of his lines on the topic. I debated whether I should mention that I'm a life member, or just file the information away. I decided on the latter.

A couple days later, I was reading blogs at lunch and she came into my office... apparently just to chat. She looked at my computer screen and said, "The War on Guns ... is that a blog? Well, I don't want to interrupt your lunch..." and left.

Lesson learned, no confrontation. Couldn't have worked out better if I'd planned it.


  1. What I think is even better is now she will have to wonder....over just about everything.

    Wonder if you are mad.
    Wonder if you are some NRA extremist.
    Wonder if you remember her comments.

    Her imagination will probably be running for long while