Thursday, December 3, 2009

More TV Stupidity

One last item for today. About the show Weapon Masters. Basically an older gent brings up an idea about some weaponry, new age guy tinkerer has to design a better way to demonstrate it. Thodays show started talking about dueling and black powder guns. Old guy on lower porch and new age guy on upstairs porch. Old guy shoos off flint lock pistol, puts it in basket that new age guy lifts up to his porch by rope. Cycle continues with old guy shooting percussion pistol then pulls out 45 Colt single action. All this happens with no hearing protection or eye protection! After new age moron fires 45 Colt he turns to the camera and remarks at how much louder it is than the black powder guns!


Episode moves forward as a duel challenge. Old guy shooting basic flintlock pistol and new age guy builds electrically ignited black powder pistol. When building the new pistol, guy takes the gun out for test firing and wears a welders hood when he first fires it. Then as they test fire it a few more times, the guy has safety glasses on and hearing protection AROUND HIS NECK. I may only have gotten basic Anatomy and Physiology required when I got my first EMT-Basic certification 27 years ago but last time I checked, your ears are not on your neck. They show repeated firing of the gun with the guy wearing the welding hood or not but the hearing proteciton is never actually you know on his ears when the gun goes bang. Whether he is shooting or watching.

How do morons like this get TV shows?

Oh well, if I get a decent nights sleep and don't feel any worse for the wear tomorrow morning, I'm going back to work and will be spared another day of this. Unfortunately, my concentration level just hasn't been there. I still have half of Spartan Gold and all of The Wrecker (both Clive Cusslers latest) or The Complete Infidels Guide to the Koran and Muslim Mafia on the "To be read" shelf. Besides, I could reread MHI again. It really is that good. I just can't keep my head in the game long enough. Mindless TV can run and if I doze off it's no big loss when I wake up to a different program. At least the cat keeps up with it and let's me know if I ned to change the channel.

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  1. My guess is that the guy with the ears on his neck will be needing the Bionic Ear wear that is being advertised in the late night commercials. Perhaps this television type of show is the "real" television. The same type that causes people to sneak into White House events.