Thursday, December 3, 2009

More Gun Snobbery

So, in a lucid moment today I'm watching the History Channel. Special on the development of the M-16.
The first 10 minutes is replay of their special on the North Hollywood Shootout. Interviews with SWAT members involved and video of live news interspersed with re--en-actors and commentary. So, one of the three SWAT guys who took the final guy down is babbling about their armament and comments, they had AK's with Armor Piercing Ammo, "This stuff was designed to penetrate a tank, it will go right through a car." What a load of not even bovine excrement! There is NOTHING that can come out of the barrel of an AK that will penetrate even the lightest armored Tank on the battlefield since the AK was invented. Maybe an APC, in a visor, on a bad day, during a full moon, NOT A TANK!

Then the actors must have had some really good training because they showed footage of the actual robbery then cut away to an actor dressed as LAPD, (God I hope it was an actor) holding his M9 in his right hand with his left thumb over the top of his right wrist. I know LAPD does not teach this.

Anyway, I need some serious decongestants, cough syrup and a nap.

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