Friday, December 25, 2009

Guten Tag

Have to make a shout out to whoever is visiting from 1&1 Internet AG in Karlsruhe Germany.

Been there and have the T-Shirt. I used to work for a German company headquartered just North East of Karlsruhe. Made a few trips over and had a good time each. Made some good friends in a few places over there as well. I've driven the Rhine on both sides and gone all the way down through the Black Forest and up into the mountains. There really is much to see in this area of Europe. One of these years I may even come up with the funds to convince misbeHaven to make a trip over for holiday.

It doesn't hurt that I like wine more than I like beer. This is definitely the right place to visit. The beer is great and the wine is even better. For those of you in Texas, one of the family wineries in the small town where I worked is owned by the Pfluger family and happens to be the area where the Pfluger family that founded Pflugerville TX came from. I still have a couple bottles of Sternefels Koenig wine from the Pfluger Family Winery that I brought back from one of my trips.

I hope you are having a Merry Christmas and that you'll check back occasionally.

Mit besten Grüßen,


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